I am excited to announce that I will be joining the Economics Department at the University of Chicago as an Assistant Professor after spending one year as an IES Fellow at Princeton University.

Contact information:
Mail - Department of Economics, Princeton University, 304a Fisher Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544
Email - moc.liamg|tonletnit.xilef#moc.liamg|tonletnit.xilef
Cell - +1 814 321 7730

Jonathan Eaton (Co-Advisor), Dep. of Economics, Brown University; Phone: 401-863-2118; Email: ude.nworb|notaE_nahtanoJ#ude.nworb|notaE_nahtanoJ
Stephen Yeaple (Co-Advisor), Dep. of Economics, Pennsylvania State University; Phone: 814-865-5452; Email: ude.usp|3yrs#ude.usp|3yrs
Andrés Rodríguez-Clare, Dep. of Economics, University of California at Berkeley; Phone: 510-642-4016; Email: ude.yelekreb.noce|serdna#ude.yelekreb.noce|serdna
Mark J. Roberts, Dep. of Economics, Pennsylvania State University; Phone: 814-863-4775; Email: ude.usp|streborm#ude.usp|streborm